Idle Money

Infuse Stagnant Money in the Economy – which is resting Idle in Religious Temples, Temple Trusts & with Religious Leaders and Saints.

In Past we have heard many news like

  1. Rs xxx crores of Sri Satya Sai Trust
  2. Rs xxx crores found in the basement of Padmanabh Temple
  3. Net worth of Baba xxx speculated to be several hundred crores

etc. etc.

Big temples like Shri Balaji, Shirdi Sai, Golden temple, Padmanabh Temple etc.etc. receive offerings in form of gold, silver and hard cash worth crores. I feel that most large scale offerings come from the parallel or black economy. This money should not lie idle but must be infused in the economy for the betterment of the society. It may just be a drop from the ocean of black money in India, but this drop can help a lot of people in India.

Where does the money come from?

  1. From the very very rich who offer gold/silver etc. – which may or may not be from the black economy.
  2. People who have blind faith in temples & saints.
  3. Illiterates who are lured by God men or Conman.

Reason why gold, silver and cash is offered

  1. People in India are brought up with the thought that you should offer a part of your income to GOD as a thanksgiving. This is a very good thought, but losing the purpose in today’s world.
  2. These days people are being selfish – If I get this/that – than I will offer X amount to God.
  3. Then some temples have a strong faith line defined – that if you pray at this temple you attain moksha, or your wish will be granted – and all people feel that yes let me go and fulfill my wishes – and if one or two wishes are fulfilled, the faith strengthens and he/she land up offering at this temple.
  4. Then there are the so called living God’s, saints and preachers etc. They are good orators and gather people in multitudes around them – organize courses for say yoga, meditation, ram katha, bhagvat katha, etc. etc. People go to them feel relieved from the daily stressful life and end up offering their money/wealth.

What can be done?

  1. Create awareness – about how this money can help the poor in India today.
  2. The money can be used to build houses, hospitals, roads, educate the poor, create health facilities, impart skill based knowledge to the poor, etc.
  3. The receiving party – temples, saints etc. should be made to realize that this money is of the common people and should be used for the common man.
  4. Temple trusts are quite old and have been working since several decades. They would not like to be dictated by some new law or rule, so their sentiments have to be taken care of.

Parking Space for Vehicle Puja

This is an afterthought after reading a friend’s Facebook post this morning.

So, this gentleman has seen a parking space in front of a big temple in USA – Special parking space for the deferentially able,  many more for normal people and one just near the entrance for Puja of the newly bought vehicle.

The question is when can we have such facility?

I say “Never”


  1. India does not have vast land like US
  2. US has few temples – India has one on each street
  3. Population going to the temple – need not say anything

But do we want such facilities in India? No? Why?

  1. Here, we visit the temples at our own sweet time, on important occasions, with no strings attached; and not on weekends only ( mostly because of free lunch and dinner)
  2. Our elders and senior citizens can go there independently (they don’t rely on others to take them by car), everyday, meet their friends and have daily outing to the temple.
  3. People travelling on the road, just cast a glance at the temple and bow their head; in short their prayer is complete.
  4. Small temples in the streets, societies are not a picnic spot or a social gathering for us, we have other places for these purposes.
  5. And lastly we are not obsessed with being Indian, being Religious, showing off in this area, but for us it is a way of Life. No count is maintained on how much we visited the temple or didn’t visit, we are free.