Idle Money

Infuse Stagnant Money in the Economy – which is resting Idle in Religious Temples, Temple Trusts & with Religious Leaders and Saints.

In Past we have heard many news like

  1. Rs xxx crores of Sri Satya Sai Trust
  2. Rs xxx crores found in the basement of Padmanabh Temple
  3. Net worth of Baba xxx speculated to be several hundred crores

etc. etc.

Big temples like Shri Balaji, Shirdi Sai, Golden temple, Padmanabh Temple etc.etc. receive offerings in form of gold, silver and hard cash worth crores. I feel that most large scale offerings come from the parallel or black economy. This money should not lie idle but must be infused in the economy for the betterment of the society. It may just be a drop from the ocean of black money in India, but this drop can help a lot of people in India.

Where does the money come from?

  1. From the very very rich who offer gold/silver etc. – which may or may not be from the black economy.
  2. People who have blind faith in temples & saints.
  3. Illiterates who are lured by God men or Conman.

Reason why gold, silver and cash is offered

  1. People in India are brought up with the thought that you should offer a part of your income to GOD as a thanksgiving. This is a very good thought, but losing the purpose in today’s world.
  2. These days people are being selfish – If I get this/that – than I will offer X amount to God.
  3. Then some temples have a strong faith line defined – that if you pray at this temple you attain moksha, or your wish will be granted – and all people feel that yes let me go and fulfill my wishes – and if one or two wishes are fulfilled, the faith strengthens and he/she land up offering at this temple.
  4. Then there are the so called living God’s, saints and preachers etc. They are good orators and gather people in multitudes around them – organize courses for say yoga, meditation, ram katha, bhagvat katha, etc. etc. People go to them feel relieved from the daily stressful life and end up offering their money/wealth.

What can be done?

  1. Create awareness – about how this money can help the poor in India today.
  2. The money can be used to build houses, hospitals, roads, educate the poor, create health facilities, impart skill based knowledge to the poor, etc.
  3. The receiving party – temples, saints etc. should be made to realize that this money is of the common people and should be used for the common man.
  4. Temple trusts are quite old and have been working since several decades. They would not like to be dictated by some new law or rule, so their sentiments have to be taken care of.

Saddened by Balloons


Yes, feeling saddened by balloons… Surprising, but every day I cross the Pakwan Signal to and fro from my office, the sight of the polka dotted balloons makes me a wee bit sad.

It so happened that these are new balloons with polka dots, not tied but wrapped around a plastic straw; a real delight for the eyes are a beauty to hold. I had my eyes on them for quite a few days, wanting to buy a few. But normally ignored my wish and drove my two-wheeler away each and every day. But, finally I knew I had to give in to my urge and buy a few of the balloons.

Now my daughter is in college, so I felt that let me buy some for a friend’s niece and nephews. One day I stopped after crossing the signal, called a small about 8-9 year old girl and asked her the price of the balloon. Within a second I was surrounded by almost 6-7 balloon sellers from 6 year old to the eldest who was a young teenage mother,  let me call her “Lakshmi”. The price was Rs. 20/- per balloon. The one who I had approached, let me call her “Anamika”, said that she would give me 2 for Rs. 30/- even when I didn’t negotiate. I assume that the whole gang is together in selling the balloons. So this Lakshmi dominates all and finalizes to give me 3 balloons for Rs. 50/-. Now as I had stopped Anamika for my purchase, so I select 2 balloons from her and one from Lakshmi. I give the Rs. 50/- note in the hand of Lakshmi.

And the drama unfolds. Anamika asks for Rs 30/- for her two balloons. So, I ask Lakshmi to give Anamika her Rs 30/-; as I don’t have change. She tells me that she will give, I insist that she do so right in front of me, Anamika is begging for her money, I am confused, perplexed as to what is happening; the whole traffic and commotion around,  I start driving away. But this young child Anamika is confident that her money is gone and cries in a very loud voice, which is very much audible with traffic honking all around. I stop after driving almost 25 feet and turn back to look. Oh God! Anamika is lying on the road and crying loudly for her money. I look at Lakshmi, and she is totally ignoring Anamika and going her way.

What am I supposed to do? I have paid for the balloons I bought, but one corner of my heart feels that I have betrayed Anamika by not giving her the money. The road side vendor advises me to move on, as it is regular drama for him, and I do so, but with a heavy heart. I decide to give Rs 40/- to Anamika the next time I see her at the signal, and forget the episode for that day. Next day, next day, next day ….. almost a fortnight has gone, and everyday my eyes are searching for Anamika, who is not seen till day.  Now, the sight of the balloons make me sad, I long to find Anamika and give her due, maybe someday I will find her. Till then I pray and send her love and peace, hope that someone better than me has found her, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that she gets educated and has a bright future.



The word “Celibacy” defined by the dictionary as “a state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations” has remained a mystery for me. As a young adult, during my days we could never talk about it as its antonym “Promiscuity” wouldn’t be far behind in the discussion, as oh my that “world of mine” would not hear the “P” of it. Wikipedia defines “Promiscuity – is the practice of having casual sex frequently with different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners”. Glad, that today I have progressed enough to write on one of them, obviously mentioning the other.

Thinking of these two conditions is it purely on the physical level or it’s all in the mind?

Maybe, I consider that woman a celibate, who night after night gives in to her husband’s desire, with none left in her to look forward to; for her it is a mere physical act which she undergoes, to avoid xyz things of the life she shares with her husband and her family. Fear of her man becoming promiscuous, facing the brunt of the society that the wife was not able to satisfy him enough, that he started looking elsewhere – are one of the many reasons a woman endures such a relationship. Act after act, she remains celibate.

That again brings me to another fact that a man largely chooses to be celibate or promiscuous. For a woman? Yes the new generation girls are geared up and will choose their way. I am loving it. But, here I am talking of women of my generation, in their late forties, an average Indian woman. It is believed that if you are married, you are in a happy sexual relationship. If the society hears of your affairs (even a single one) you are promiscuous and labeled a slut; and the third respected soul – a happily celibate spinster. Yes, the aunt – your mother’s sister, your father’s sister…. any cousin sister if unmarried she is celibate. Period.  Sometimes even in my forties, during discussions, if this celibate woman is present, I have seen ladies pointing out and stop talking about anything that an unmarried teenage girl shouldn’t be listening to. There is an overload of information in this area, and we Indians are still so immature. Understand that, even if she is a single and a virgin, she understands everything.

So who is to be labeled Celibate and Promiscuous? It’s all in the mind. Draupadi can be celibate with five husbands, and someone without any physical relations can be promiscuous, night after night having desirous dreams of the super hero, cricketer, an actor, a colleague or any handsome guy sighted in the near past.

And why sex alone – you can be celibate or promiscuous for all moral values, ethics and much much more. Yes, it’s all in the mind, there are no pros or cons of being celibate; it’s a personal choice, needed to be respected by one and all. Don’t analyze anyone’s choice and behavior, as it is the woman who only knows whether she’s celibate or promiscuous.

ભાઈ બહેન – પીન અટકી

Sumant & Damyanti
મારા ફૂઈબા અને પપ્પા

આજે સવારે એક મિત્રએ Facebook પર પોતાના પિતાની યાદ તાજી કરી અને મને મારા પિતાની કરાવી. થોડું મન ભરાઈ આવ્યું, પછી વિચાર્યું કે ખુશી ની પળો નેજ યાદ ન કરું? મારા પિતા અમારી જોડે તો હિટલર જેવું અનુશાશન રખાવે, પણ વખત આવ્યે થોડી મજાક મસ્તી પણ કરાવે. જો કોઈ જગા એ પીન એટકે તો નવો વિષય ન મળે ત્યાં સુધી એ વાત પર અડી રહે.

મારા મોટા ફુઈ ને અમે પ્રેમથી બા કહેતા. આજે એ બે ભાઈ બહેન ની યાદ તાજા કરીએ.

વાત એમ છે કે મારા ફુઈ ૩ છોકરાઓ સાથે પીયરમાં જ રહેતા. તે તેમના દીકરા વહુ વગેરે બોહ્ળું કુટુંબ હોવાથી મારા પિતા જુદા રેહતા. હવે જે ઘરમાં રેહતા હોઈ તે વાપરે અને તેજ વારસદાર એટલે મારા દાદીના સ્વર્ગવાસ પછી કોઈ ભાગ પાડવાની વાત નોહતી. ઘર તો ભાડાનું હતું અને બીજું ઘર વખરી, પણ ફુઈબા નાં મનમાં મારા પપ્પા એટલે તેના ભાઈ માટે ખુબ પ્રેમ અને લાગણી; અને એવું પણ લાગે કે સાચ્ચો વારસદાર તો એજ થાય. તો ઘરમાં એક ચાંદી નું પવાલું હતું. કેવું – જુના જમાનામાં લોટા પર મુકતા તેવું કિનારી વાળું અને નીચું. બા તો એક નું એક કીમતી પવાલું હરખભેર અમારે ઘરે આપવા આવ્યા. પપ્પા પણ ખુશ થયા. પપ્પા એ તો મને હરખભેર બોલાવીને બતાવ્યું કે જો બા ચાંદીનું પવાલું લાવ્યા અને કહ્યું કે આ તારી દાદી નો વારસો છે અને બા એ આખે આખો આપણને આપી દીધો છે. તે વખતે હું માંડ ૧૦-૧૧ વર્ષની, અને રોજ રાત્રે અમારે ઉપર સુવા માટે સ્ટીલ નાં લોટા માં પાણી ભરી લઈ જવાનો રીવાજ. હવે રોજનું સ્ટીલનું પવાલું પેલા ચાંદીના પવાલા જેવુજ.  હું તો હાજર જવાબી તરતજ કહ્યું “પણ આ તો પવાલું છે લોટો તો બા એ રાખી લીધો આપણને આપ્યોજ નહી” મને શું ખબર કે ચાંદીનો લોટો તો ક્યારેય ઘરમાં હતોજ નહી. પછી તો મારી આ વાત પર બા આખી જિંદગી અકળાતા અને મારા પપ્પા પણ વારે ઘડીએ તેમને ચીડવતા, “લોટો તો તમે રાખી લીધો”

એક વાર જમતા જમતા મારા પપ્પા એ બા ને ન ગમતી વાત પર મસ મોટું ભાષણ આપવાનું ચાલુ કર્યું. મારા પપ્પા વકીલ, એટલે બોલવામાં પહોચી ન વળાય અને બોલતા બંધ પણ જલ્દી ન કરાય. બા અકળાય પણ કરે શું? હતો ઉનાળો અને જમવામાં કેરીનો રસ અને રોટલી. બા થી બીજું કઇંક તો બોલાય નહી માટે “રસ મુકું?”, “સુમન તને રસ મુકું?”, “રસ મુકું?” એવું ઘડી ઘડી પૂછે. દરેક વખત મારા પપ્પા ઇશારાથી હા/ના પાડે અને પોતાની વાત તો બોલ્યેજ રાખે. ચાર પાંચ વાર પૂછ્યું એટલે મારા પપ્પા અકળાયને ને કહે મને શું બીજાને પણ રસ મુકોને – તો બાએ કહ્યું કે “ક્યારની તને “રસ મુકું?”, “રસ મુકું?” કહું છુ કે ખાવામાં ધ્યાન આપ અને ન ગમતો વિષય પરની વાત બંધ કર”. પછી તો શું આ વાત નું એટલું વતેસર થયું કે આખા કુટુંબમાં કોઈ પણ ન ગમતા વિષય પર વાત શરુ થાય એટલે તરતજ તેને બંધ કરવાનો ખાસ સંવાદ મળી ગયો “રસ મુકું”

ગમે તો વધાવજો નહી તો comment માં શું લખવું – ખબર પડી ને?

વિશ્વાસ, વફાદારી, વ્યાભિચાર અને સાથ


વિશ્લેષણ કરવું હોય તો ઘણું બધું લખાય. પણ આજે તો ફક્ત પ્રશ્નોજ કરવા છે.

  • શું હિલેરી ક્લીન્ટન ને તેના પતિ બિલ ક્લીન્ટન પર વિશ્વાસ છે?
  • શું બિલ ક્લીન્ટન હવે થી વફાદારી નિભાવશે?
  • હિલેરી ક્લીન્ટને બિલ ક્લીન્ટન નો વ્યાભિચાર માફ કરી ખરું કર્યું?
  • હિલેરી ક્લીન્ટને બિલ ક્લીન્ટનને ફક્ત સાથ આપવાનો દેખાડો કર્યો? આજે શું બિલ ક્લીન્ટન આ ઉપકારનો બદલો વાળે છે?
  • લીવઇન રિલેશનશિપ માં રહેતા યુગલો શું વ્યાભિચાર આચરે છે?
  • લીવઇન રિલેશનશિપ પૂરી થયા બાદ તે વ્યક્તિ જો કોઈ બીજા જોડે લગ્ન કરે તો તેના પર વિશ્વાસ કરાય?
  • લીવઇન રિલેશનશિપ પૂરી થયા બાદ તે વ્યક્તિ બીજી રિલેશનશિપમા વફાદારી નિભાવશે?

સામે આ સવાલો પણ કરીએ

  • શું કૃષણએ વ્યાભિચાર આચર્યો હતો?
  • દ્રૌપદી ક્યા એક ને વફાદાર હતી? પાંડવોની દરેકની અલગ પત્નીઓ પણ હતી. તો દ્રૌપદી તરફજ આંગળીઓ કેમ?
  • ધૃતરાષ્ટ્ર, પાંડુ અને વિદુર નો જન્મ વ્યાભિચાર થી થયો હતો? અને પાંચેય પાંડવોનો?
  • મંદોદરીને રાવણ પર વિશ્વાસ હતો? રામને સીતા પર વિશ્વાસ હતો?
  • સીતાએ અગ્નિપરીક્ષા આપી અને તે વફાદાર હતા, તો રામે તેનો સાથ કેમ છોડ્યો?
  • ઉર્વશી તો વનમાં ન ગઈ, તો શું તેને લક્ષ્મણનો સાથ નહોતો ગમતો?
  • એક પત્ની, એક પતિ ના યુગ નો અંત આવી રહ્યો છે? શું આપણે પાછા બહુપત્નીત્વ, બહુપતિત્વ તરફ પ્રયાસ કરી રહ્યા છીએ?

Just do it

Today I went for a walk in the evening. One cycle rickshaw was just in front of me. It was loaded with 2 iron beds and lots of straw stools and chairs. I overtook it so that it doesn’t disturb my walk. Upon overtaking I saw that it was being hand dragged by a small boy @10 yrs and an old man, maybe his grandfather.

I felt like helping them. But our mind is very complex – should I speak to them, what if, why, how, ego arises.

And all of a sudden I felt – why should they know? I just slowed my speed, was behind the cycle rickshaw and started giving it a push. Obviously its speed increased, more than my walking speed. They didn’t see me, and within half a km their destination arrived. I let go my pushing and walked away with a happy heart.
Initially I thought that I shouldn’t be sharing this in this forum  – but there may be many out there like me, I just wanted to share that sometimes, if you feel like doing something, just do it, it’s really satisfying.


From an earlier Facebook post



    1. Papers that are written on only one side can be separately collected for rough use by poor children.
    2. Blank pages from old notebooks can be bound together to form a note-book for rough use or donate to poor children. Some people may not be interested in doing this – they can donate the blank pages at a central location.
    3. We are now computer savvy – so all communications can come by e-mails – saving a lot of paper.
    4. Use your printer wisely – print on both sides and print only if necessary.
  2. RE_CYCLE WATER – Drain water from Kitchen Sink/Kitchen Wash Area
    1. This water contains waste such as dust/eatables. There is no human waste in this water.
    2. Collect this water separately.
    3. After sedimentation the top layer of the water can be transferred to another tank.
    4. This water can be treated and used to water the garden.
    1. Street light in the campus can be run by solar energy.
    2. Lights in parking, foyer and staircase can be of energy saving lamps 15 W rather than the 4 feet fluorescent light.
    3. Apartment blocks can have a common solar heater – with one hot water line in each flat. This will reduce the collective cost of heating water.
  4. PLANTATION – It is very fortunate that now-a-days many Schemes have very good gardens and trees. However a few suggestions in this area:
    1. Sweet Neem (Kadi Patta) tree can be planted during construction phase – so that by the time residents come in to stay the tree is half grown. Many times in societies this tree has been planted n number of times and even protected by fences and jute bags – but intellectuals neighbous always find a way out to pluck the leaves and bare the sapling.
    2. Grow Tulsi – it is
      1. Loved religiously
      2. Good for health.
    3. Grow more flowering trees like parijat, raat rani etc.
    4. Avoid water lilies and cactus – you can grow aloe vera instead.
  5. WASTE COLLECTION – Collect dry and wet waste separately. Find an agency willing to collect the waste that can be re-cycled.
    1. Take your cloth bag for your vegetable/fruit shopping.
    2. Re-use
    1. Limit the use of disposable cups, plates – they are a burden to the environment.
    2. Limit the use of paper napkins.