Parking Space for Vehicle Puja

This is an afterthought after reading a friend’s Facebook post this morning.

So, this gentleman has seen a parking space in front of a big temple in USA – Special parking space for the deferentially able,  many more for normal people and one just near the entrance for Puja of the newly bought vehicle.

The question is when can we have such facility?

I say “Never”


  1. India does not have vast land like US
  2. US has few temples – India has one on each street
  3. Population going to the temple – need not say anything

But do we want such facilities in India? No? Why?

  1. Here, we visit the temples at our own sweet time, on important occasions, with no strings attached; and not on weekends only ( mostly because of free lunch and dinner)
  2. Our elders and senior citizens can go there independently (they don’t rely on others to take them by car), everyday, meet their friends and have daily outing to the temple.
  3. People travelling on the road, just cast a glance at the temple and bow their head; in short their prayer is complete.
  4. Small temples in the streets, societies are not a picnic spot or a social gathering for us, we have other places for these purposes.
  5. And lastly we are not obsessed with being Indian, being Religious, showing off in this area, but for us it is a way of Life. No count is maintained on how much we visited the temple or didn’t visit, we are free.