“Bindass” – a prey to perception?


Surprisingly “બિંદાસ” a common word used by the Gujarati Community is not found in the Gujarati dictionary and doing some Google search, I found that Google translates the Hindi word “बिंदास” to English as “Cool”. Nearest Gujarat word is “નચિંત” with translates to carefree, easy going. That’s for the textbook record 🙂

Carefree, Cool, without any worries, relaxed, that’s how I perceive my life to be, and am moving ahead, living joyfully. All these meaningful adjectives are in my mind, my heart, my soul. I perceive myself to be cool under any situation, mentally being carefree and without worries, even with many responsibilities on my shoulder. In my late forties, I am positive, relaxing and enjoying life, in every moment that life gives me.  “Bindass” – yes for me it is running free, not being tamed, maybe until I find someone just as wild and willing to run along.

“Bindass” is from the mind, your thoughts, keeping your culture, your social values, your moral values intact, and obviously nothing to do with your body.  Remember what Charlie Chaplin said “Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul”

Don’t judge the Word “Bindass” with a narrow mind; if you are incapable to understand one word, understanding a person is out of reach.