Gender Bender


So, Bill Clinton gives a thumbs up to Hillary, what a public speech – will be a historical one in the days to come. Yes, as he said that “She didn’t leave me…..”, again we are thinking of the big Presidential controversy; hence for some it is obvious that he supports her, praises her and motivates her. Well, if she wins, they both live in the White house once again, so it’s a big deal.

I am compelled to think of two things.

Firstly, the forgiving by Hillary (I remember being angry myself when it happened) – The perception of being faithful is different in India and the Western countries. Here adultery is like committing murder – though things are changing in the new generation. So, the way we look at our moral values and culture, many would like to think that an independent, forward thinking woman need not stand by such a husband. He does not deserve her. So the independent lady here would leave her husband and make a future of her own; maybe the one not capable of living alone would keep on dragging her life with him – internally not forgiving him. But Western culture is different; maybe Hillary was right in her action at that time, according to their values and culture. Are we ready to give another chance? Can we communicate and sort out things? And it’s for both the spouses. Yes, Hillary has set an example.

Secondly, motivation, encouragement, and standing with the wife by a husband – Let’s talk about a man at a senior level in an organization. You see the average lifestyle of such a person – maybe waking up – some exercise – tea and breakfast – to the office – lunch at office – working late hours – returning late –having dinner – a bit of family time – retiring for the day; may be a trip or an excursion during weekends or holidays. If I ask these men that if their wives are similarly educated and competent; and start living their lifestyle – what would happen???? Can you be as encouraging, as motivating like Bill Clinton and can you stand by her?   The stakes are quite different. Yes, but at least we can get inspired by Bill Clinton and do our wee bit, not for the wife alone, but for any friend, sister, and sister-in-law who is educated competent and trying to make her own place in a man’s world.



2 thoughts on “Gender Bender

  1. An interesting analysis on the Clintons. It is all about standing up for each other during difficult times. It might have been more difficult for Hillary for sure. Very difficult to comprehend in Indian scenario. The whole approach is different out here in India. Except for very few of them hardly any men support a working woman handle her responsibilities at office and home.It is always the women who takes the mantle of responsibility at house and make it a home. She indeed suffers through her life. salutations to those special breed of women.

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