Just do it

Today I went for a walk in the evening. One cycle rickshaw was just in front of me. It was loaded with 2 iron beds and lots of straw stools and chairs. I overtook it so that it doesn’t disturb my walk. Upon overtaking I saw that it was being hand dragged by a small boy @10 yrs and an old man, maybe his grandfather.

I felt like helping them. But our mind is very complex – should I speak to them, what if, why, how, ego arises.

And all of a sudden I felt – why should they know? I just slowed my speed, was behind the cycle rickshaw and started giving it a push. Obviously its speed increased, more than my walking speed. They didn’t see me, and within half a km their destination arrived. I let go my pushing and walked away with a happy heart.
Initially I thought that I shouldn’t be sharing this in this forum  – but there may be many out there like me, I just wanted to share that sometimes, if you feel like doing something, just do it, it’s really satisfying.


From an earlier Facebook post


4 thoughts on “Just do it

  1. I read it earlier also. Always Gud to share successful effort to overcome inhibitions. Helps in encouraging not so strong like minded people to “Just Do it”.


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