Lost Innocence

I met a nice chap today at the Westside store. He is very extrovert, daring, good orator and full of life. He told me all about himself, his home and his family. I was amazed talking to him. He informed me that he had a bigger office than his dad, he owns a car, offered to drop me home (but wouldn’t give his car keys in my hands) told me I need not worry as he has a valid driving license. Followed me thrice in the store, wanted my attention to the fullest. He was even at the door when I left the store.
What are you thinking? He is a cute guy studying in Sr. Kg. He made my day by his innocent pranks. God bless him.

So, where are we adults? We have lost this innocence. Is it the only thing we have lost or maybe an unending list?


2 thoughts on “Lost Innocence

  1. Problem is ..that only we have lost innocence in our adulthood but also…even children are losing their innocence at very small age… that make me really worried… innocence is synonym of childhood… aren’t we killing childhood of our children 😦


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