We Are Part Of The Solution


A lot has been said and demanded by the Protesters, Media, Politicians, etc. Yes, we do need better laws, more harsh punishments and see to it that our society reaches a level where women are seen as equals and not objects of desire. Yes we need to be a Rape free country? But, till then what? When poverty, population, health and sanitation, education, etc are still burning issues after 65 years of independence – how much time our country will need to become a rape free country?

Till then as a normal citizen how do I take care of my 16 year old daughter?

  1. Can I send her out wearing spaghetti tops and shorts/mini-skirts at any time and hold the society and government responsible if anything dreadful happens?
  2. Don’t we teach our Children Road Safety? Should not we teach our daughters to be rape-safe? Teach them how to avoid rape?

How can I contribute to change the social structure of my area?

  1. Not rest till the demand for stricter laws is fulfilled by the Government?
  2. Create awareness for things that may lead to a potential rape situation? For ex. – travelling alone at wee hours, putting faith in strangers (or maybe even friends and relatives – 80% rapes are by known persons), wearing revealing clothes, going to deserted places, etc.
  3. Accept that moral policing is required. You do not want to protest against “Item Songs”, “Scantily clad women in movies and TV ads”, “Vulgar two meaning comedies”, etc. So the men can see all these things, and the animal in him can be awakened and then he should sing bhajans. Why awaken the animal instincts of humans? I need to protest and support the moral police.
  4. Speak up and report all cases of eve teasing, sexual harassment – however small they may seem to be.

Our New Social Culture Today:

To become a rape free society you need to have men and women who would follow principles of Mahatma Gandhi & Vivekananda. Well, moral values, culture, sanskaar, etc are considered un-cool and “COOL” means stay calm even if things are not in order, morally in-correct. Being “COOL” has led to “HOTTER” crimes in our Society. If someone objects to an Item song in which a woman is depicted in the most derogatory manner – everything from the dress, movements, treatment by men – people tell you “CHILL”. So, we the so called educated and civilised class of the Society remain “COOL” and “CHILLED”. DOES THIS NEW SOCIAL CULTURE NOT POSE ANY THREAT?????



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