Thinking of you

After decades elapsed
Your blue eyes
Still churning my heart

When you looked at me
Can I call it a “look”?
Or was it a glare?
No, almost a stare. Why?

Your eyes fixed on me
A stolen privilege
Burning with a desire
Staying put

They churned me from within
Mine no longer matched them
Shyly gazed down
A mysterious emotion born

Never spoken in past
Only eyes were the path
Were two souls connecting?
Two hearts longing to be one

Stole another look
And yours remained fixed
My gaze turned around
Seconds passed in ages

The gape carved on my heart
For eons to come
The mysterious emotion lives
Within me in my heart

Today, my heart goes out for you
Touching your soul so known
Peace envelops my being
Oh Time! Just Standstill!

– Written somewhere in 2009


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