“Annicca” – This will also change

 “Annicca” is a Pali word meaning “This will also change”. For me this word is my rescue button in times of hardship, sorrow and the low moments of life. However happy days also pass, and it is required that we remind ourselves that just like sorrow happiness will also not last forever. Very difficult to practice.

These days with the work of my volunteering at Kadam getting a good review (an article in DNA and a snap in TOI), 3 things happened.

1. Felt highly motivated to carry on this honorary work.

2. A bit afraid that I may not meet the expectations, now that they have escalated.

3. My ego started surfacing and bubbling.

I am maximum worried about the third one, because if the third one is taken care of the other two will automatically fall in place.  And “Immanuel – GOD with us” – So, I got my eye-opener moment.

Just before 10 days I appointed a lady at my place to cook dinner. She is full of energy and very talkative. On 29th, due to my ego I was showing off my picture in the TOI to each and every one. Well, she was also one of them. After knowing about my philantrophic adventures, she told me hers.

Well, she cooks at six homes – lunch and dinner – so she’s busy from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon and again from 4:pm to 9:00 pm. Between 12:00 noon and 4:00pm she and her daughter-in-law do stiching and “fall beading” for sarees of a leading saree store – where her son works as a salesman. Her husband works (as a peon) in one of the office of the stock exchange. As all persons in the family work, her husband does not give his salary at home. Instead half he uses on himself, other half – he buys chapples, grains, umbrellas, sugar, tea, etc. and donates to whoever he finds needy along the roadside. Also, he is a bhakht of Mataji and does some puja and astrology at home. So people offer sarees to Mataji. The family members do not use these Sarees, but donate them. This lady after knowing my efforts towards Kadam and relief material collection for Uttarakhand, brought 4 sarees, 3 sweaters to be donated to Uttarakhand, and 10 pairs of chappals for the children of Kadam. Recently she had gone for a “Char Dham Yatra” in May -where she and her husband donated many sarees and also made cash donations.

Just comparing her family income,status,position with mine, I realised that I may sound higher up in material listing, but when it came to philantrophy she is way ahead of me.. with the family contributing much more in  comparision to their income.  I have started my social activies only after my family is financially sound and secure, I have a maid to do all the chores, even employed the cook for dinner now, but her family is toiling hard and even in these times they have become philantrophic. Hats off to her.

Well my ego got a lesson, now I am fully grounded and thank her, salute her family.

From my Facebook – Dated July 3, 2013


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